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Looking for Illume

Hands of Creation
All Seeing
Access Granted
Looking for Illume Series One.jpg

The liminal space between spiritual and secular worlds is an immersive experience that I've allowed myself to explore. While the former work discovers the abstraction of spirituality, this body of work focuses more on healing through my personal life experiences that developed a lot of misplaced shame, guilt, and self-sabotaging. Carrying those traits made it easier for me to fall into martyrdom, both imposed on me by my environment then eventually self subjected. As I dealt with many experiences that invalidated my autonomy, art has been the thing I did not allow anyone to take from me or diminish its value. Now, with this body of work, I’m reclaiming my autonomy and my right to exist safely as my own person.

Speak Up! Oil paint and pastel on wood panel, 24"x30", 2022
Reconditioning, Oil paint and pastel on wood panel, 24"x30", 2022
Touch Me Not, Oil paint and pastel on wood panel, 24"x30", 2022

I found interest in exploring illumination in relation to the body specifically to represent not only as a healing agent, but additionally another aspect of consciousness. This is also to implement radiance beyond natural lighting. Although this isn’t specific to religious beliefs, the light exists as part of our souls, connecting us to the spiritual plane. Mysticism inspired a lot of my work which aligned well with my interest in surrealism. Utilizing how light interacts on or within the body allows me to realize the coexistence of spirituality and secularity.

Regeneration, Oil pastel, 22"x30", 2022
Lighting the Way, Assemblage, 2022
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