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Coming this December..


Bold Journey

08/08/23 I believe my usage of colors have been my strong suit for a while, and implement comfortable visual movement in my pieces, and emphasizes abstract structures.

Vision Fever


05/02/22 This piece shows how I envision love and how it is felt regardless of distance or other barriers. Their heads are linked to emphasize the desire to be close beyond physical means, as well as the mental power that keeps the connection alive


Voyage Houston

10/12/21 "I remained persistent in keeping the passion alive."

Artsy Butterfly Mag

03/25/21 "Art has been the perfect outlet for me to truly express myself and my interests in the human experience."

Shoutout HTX

02/18/21 "Risk taking is essential for success. This exhibits true devotion to what you feel passionate for."

20/20 Vision

02/02/21 "To be vulnerable with yourself and others can assist in discovering what life truly has to offer."


09/02/20 I believe my pieces illustrate many forms of intimacy, even highlighting forms of intimacy within ourselves

Destino Monthly

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