Kaelyn J. Provost is a 21-year-old artist from Houston, Texas. She currently attends Texas State University in San Marcos. Pursuing a career as an Artist has always been a dream of hers, and she is striving to make it happen with determination to expand her work. At age 14, she tapped into her imagination, reviving her creativity from early childhood, and nurtured it through drawings. Her earlier pieces consisted of 2D portraits done with markers and ink pens. As she was introduced to colored pencils, her portraits began to have more depth and dimension, implementing more values and experimenting with color. These techniques assist her in prioritizing our internal and external being. She also began meshing plants with the human anatomy, emphasizing our connections as humans with the earth.

            Since attending Texas State university for a BFA degree, she has developed a skill with various dry and wet mediums, such as charcoal and oil paints. Working with multiple mediums has further enhanced her way of expression, broadening the way a story can be told. Her creativity has reached and inspired many, through art shows and magazine publications, forming genuine connections with those who observe her art.

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Art gives me the opportunity to display somewhat the “warped reality” that exists within my mind. It helps me cope and highlight the rawness of existence while meshing multiple realities to form one. I own a variety of work that is straightforward and work that requires a closer look to receive the full effect.

My artwork centers around life: figures and their anatomy, with an emphasis on emotional and sensual experiences. Interlocking everything with my figures that signals “life” as well. I also usually incorporate vivid colors to really grasp the attention and it is fun to give my figures extraordinary skin colors. As I go about my spiritual journey, I find it imperative to incorporate the experience into my art as well, especially as of recently. Spirituality has influenced pretty much all of my life, even in ways I couldn't understand. It's only right to express my gratitude through creativity.

Although I do formulate a certain message in various pieces, I leave room for interpretation and welcome viewers to recall a moment that resonates the most. Knowing that anyone can explore my art and build a connection with any of them inspires me to continue to share my craft to the world.


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