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Kaelyn Provost is an emerging artist from Houston, Texas, who creates abstract and figurative works using oil paint and pastels. These techniques assist her in depicting the beauty in the black feminine experience, emphasising emotional validation, connections, and wellness on a soul level. Provost received her BFA in Studio Art at Texas State University.


In the summer of 2024, she will be opening her first solo exhibition, Looking for Illume, in Austin, TX. In 2023, Her work was featured on the cover of Renowned Magazine: Mercury Edition, following an artist spotlight. In 2022, she curated and showcased work in three exhibitions: The Black Contemporary, Texas State University, San Marcos, TX; Spare Rooms Exhibition, Online; Lucid Escapades, TXST Galleries, San Marcos, TX. She also showcased work in Volya: A Silent Auction with DORF in Austin, TX.



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