Looking for Illume

2022 (in progress)

In creating my artwork, I tap into a representation of my subconscious and embrace fluidity that I felt needed to be suppressed growing up. Not much space existed for a black child to be a child, and often we’ve had to grow up faster than necessary. In this series I give myself permission to explore this fluidity through a progression of abstraction, value, and color. These artworks include an emphasis on glowing light that emits from within on a material and spiritual level. Specific molds were “made” for us to exist throughout the world, and anything outside of that signaled a threat to those who were comfortable with a false image. I gave myself permission to break out of those bonds and through art I expressed my authenticity with various mediums.

Hands of Creation by Kaelyn Provost

Hands of Creation (2022), oil pastel on Bristol paper, 19"x25.5"

image2 (4).jpeg

Oil pastels recently allow me to bring the fluidity to life, capturing the bold colors and creating a proximity to oil painting. Through this series was a lesson of releasing control as I drifted from my initial expectations for the imagery. To the best of my abilities, I experienced with light and how it closely interacts with the human body as the subject matter. Despite me wanting more, the light only penetrated the hand, inviting me to be more imaginative with my source image and feel the confirmation of a successful reference.


Freefall  (2022), oil on canvas, 24"x30"

Intuitive (2022), oil pastel on bristol paper, 19"x25.5"